The Matrix is real.

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The Matrix is real.

Post by Anastasia on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:42 pm

I like to study about how close are we to the end, and found out what is behind all that is happening.
start with, people are not living in the real world today but are
living in a naive bubble. The TV. News are all bought out by the New
world order to keep us dumb dawn so we wouldn't know what is taking
place. My eyes were open and i can see their game.
First they are trying to divide us so they can conquer us. We are very powerful if we become one.
They leave our borders open so they can bring turmoil and divisions.
they put fear in us by Initiating 9/11, than they bankrupt the banks,
to take over them. Than want us to trust them for all our problems as
if we can't help ourselves, so they are tricking us with global
warming, food shortage,viruses. They give liberty to all evil and
punish all who will not go along with their global agenda. They destroy
families, poison our waters, give us flu shots with poison to
depopulate us, so that they can control the masses. Never take the flu
shot, buy and store beans and rice edible goods, because all stores
will shut dawn if it is true what they are saying, stay home until the
flu is over. Never give your children the phony flu shots they do not
work, they declare this themselves.

Shut dawn your TV for
good,start investigating on the internet, go to and
see what your faithful diplomats are saying. Never trust the news,
Satan already took over them all. Just go to youtube and type in the
NEW WORLD ORDER. Open your eyes, the best way to fight satan is to know
what he is doing with you; and to you. Love you all.


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