Demons in the Shadows

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Demons in the Shadows

Post by Lee on Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:40 pm

I was wondering how many are with me in believing that Demons are in the Shadows, I mean how many of you believe that there are demons hiding from us in dark places. If God were to lift up the curtain and allow us to see into their dimension just what would we see larking in the dark corners. I think we would be terrified of what we would see. This world is crawling with these dark parasites, these spiritual buzzards who seek only to serve the evil one who is king over the abysse. If one does not have Jesus Christ in his or her heart, they are defenseless against their attacks. They leave themselves open to demonic attack or even possession. In these last days, Satan is rapidly gathering his forces for his final attack on Godís Children, therefore it is a very dangers time to be lift naked and defenseless against Satan and his army of demons. If God told you He would give you the chance to see into the other side, would you take Him up on His offer, would you want to see or not.

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