The Satanic New Age Belief

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The Satanic New Age Belief

Post by Lee on Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:04 am

The Satanic New Age Belief.
I have heard some New Age people say that there are
many different kinds of ways to get to heaven, that Jesus is not the only way.
And they say I am glad you have found your way, but don’t tell me that Jesus is
the only way. These newagers are completely oblivious to what the Bible has to
say about the one and only true way to heaven. The majority of them do not care
at all what the Bible has to say. They get very angry at the Bible’s teaching of how to
get to Heaven and about who Jesus is. The Bible says in John 14:6 I am the way
the truth and the live, no one goes to the Father except through Me.
And In John 1:1 it says
{In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with
God, and the Word was God.} This idea is completely unacceptable to them
because they believe themselves to be God.

The New Age Belief

1# God, No
personal God at all, just a cosmic force, a fragment of which is in us,
therefore we are gods. There is often a male/female polarity in this ‘force’

2# Jesus: A man who evolved into an Ascended Master
(god-like being) through occult and metaphysical disciplines.

3# Christ, An impersonal ‘force’ that rested on the
man Jesus and made him special, but which has also rested on others, and can even
rest on us.

4# The Bible, At best a work of cabalistic secrets
that can only be understood by ‘Masters.’ At worst a stupid book of Jewish

5# Salvation, By works of occult discipline. The law
of karma is irresistible and is what judges us.

6# Denial of Death, Belief in reincarnation. Most New
Agers believe that humans can evolve into gods through many lifetimes.

7#Magical Worldview, View of universe as a machine
that can be manipulated through sophisticated mental and spiritual technology-no
sovereign God.

8# Intolerance of Monotheism, Jews, Christians, and
Muslims regarded as counterrevolutionary. They must either evolve or be

The Deceptions of the New Age belief

1.God’s Word cannot be trusted entirely

2.Man does not have to die

3.Man can become a god

4.Man can evolve through hidden knowledge

All of these are in direct contradiction with the Word
Of God. I believe that the new world religion will be the New Age because they
reject that Jesus is the Son of God and God himself. The New Age is all about
love and peace which is exactly what the Antichrist will be all about, at
first. Then Three and a half years into the tribulation he will turn and show his
true colors, but it will be too late for the sinful people who have excepted
his mark. The New Agers have a big surprise coming. I for one will never trust
anyone or anything to get me to heaven except Jesus’ death on the cross that he
suffered for me. Jesus is the only way, like it or not, you New Agers, the Word
of God stands forever. Lee

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Re: The Satanic New Age Belief

Post by sugarman on Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:33 pm

This seems to be The same lies satan used in the beginning and also until even still today
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Re: The Satanic New Age Belief

Post by johnsorensen on Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:30 pm

Could it be that the new age reliegion is the Anti-Christ?
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Re: The Satanic New Age Belief

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