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Rules & Regulations

Post by Lee on Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:42 pm

who blasphemes against Jesus Christ or talks bad about Godís Word Ė the
Bible will be Immediately band permanently! This also goes for Anyone
who post obscene articles or Pictures! This forum belongs to The Lord
Jesus Christ! The express purpose of this forum is to
admonish-rebuke-correct-and encourage, believer and nonbeliever alike.
So let us learn from each other the Word of God and let us build our
faith stronger as the last days approach; for the soon return of Our
Lord and Savior Jesus-Yeshua our Messiah. May God richly bless each and
everyone who comes to be a member of this forum.

In this forum we do not do any name calling, or any cursing. We Come
hear to Glorified our Heavenly father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We
will discuses our differences of opinion without putting people Dawn by
insulting them or their image. We also come here to learn from one
another. We are not so interested in the way other Christians worship,
so please do not mention denominations of Christianity. We are here
to expose the works of Satan dressed up in Religion, from a Bibleical point
of view. We tell the truth even if it hurts. We do not believe in
political correctness. We do not accept the Tolerances that come
disguise as love. We welcome all people, weather you are an atheist or a
pagan or even a mad scientist. We will defend our faith, and give you
answers from Godís word the Bible. May our Lord give you wisdom from His
word as you seek to know Him? If anybody gets out of hand we will PM
you, and give you a warning, if you do not listen, we will ban you
forever. Lee and Anastasia

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Re: Rules & Regulations

Post by David A on Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:33 am

yes this is good. Smile

A key point to the believer is to follow truth and to the unbeliever is to truely seek truth.
The bible talks about correction in the book of Proverbs, it is to be done with grace and salt, a wise person will be hurt by it, but will receive it and make the needed changes, and then be very thankful to you. (the grace of God leadeth to repentance) Jude= Win some by fear and some by love.
to the Jewish person prophetic is a key Isaiah 9:6 and Isaiah 52:13-chapter 53.
and to all then Romans 5:8 the love of God
Romans 6:23 the free gift of God
Revelation 3:19&20 the Messiah Jesus telling of His love from heaven, asking us to repent or our sins, and knocking to enter our life and be our friend.

about correction of the unbeliever;
a mean person will try and hurt you
and Proverbs says a fool when corrected will try and make a fool of you, yet for others present say what you need to say.
"The fool hath said in their heart, there is no God." Psalm 14:1

I have found many that ask for help really do not want it, they just want some sympathy. Which sometimes that is all then that we can give.

I like to ask them what do you think you should do, and usually they will tell me the right answer, then I ask them why they are not doing it?

Jesus is the anwer and I am glad you have this sight to share and care this. Idea I love you David
David A
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