Russia Flexes Muscle Amid Middle East Threats of War

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Russia Flexes Muscle Amid Middle East Threats of War

Post by Anastasia on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:30 am

Putin Strikes At The Deep State And Sends Them A Hard Message - Episode 1510b

AMERICA IS NOT IN BIBLE PROPHECY WHY,  maybe because of Russia, economy collapse, or an EMP  will hit us, ANY OF THESE CAN DESTROY US. I been saying this because when the Russian or Turkey according to bible comes against Israel, other countries will say are you coming to take a spoil, but no one will help Israel but God himself according to scripture, so where is America Israel's best friend, what happen to us? The greatest Country in the world, but yet we are not mention. One world order cannot happen unless we are in it, or destroy. The Antichrist cannot rise unless these 10 nations from  U.N. GIVES POWER TO THE BEAST. WHO WILL RULE THE EARTH BY OFFERING A FAKE PEACE. SO PEOPLE WHEN YOU HEAR PEACE AND SAFETY OR SECURITY, IT IS TIME TO RUN AND HIDE. I KNOW  ALL CHRISTIANS WILL LEAVE THE EARTH BEFORE GOD BRINGS HIS WRATH AND FIRE UPON THE EARTH. I ALSO KNOW THAT THE LOVE ONES WILL CRY AT MIDNIGHT, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT MAKE IT, AND BECAUSE THEY LOST US, BUT THE INTERNET WILL BE DOWN, AND NEXT MORNING THEY WILL HAVE A EXCUSE FOR US WHO WILL VANISH IN A BLINK OF AN EYE.
All the other countries are mention especially the middle east ones.
America is very satanic, we been having wars none stop, we invade and destroy other countries for no reason all our wars were not approve by congress, so who is ruling but the Elite. for more info check bottom link.

11 Times Congress Has Declared War On Another Country, And Why
"Congress shall have power to ... declare War" But Congress hasn't actually declared war since World War II MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAVED BY JESUS BLOOD.

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