Sheriff's Dept Told Broward Deputies NOT to Enter School Unless Their Body Cameras

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Sheriff's Dept Told Broward Deputies NOT to Enter School Unless Their Body Cameras

Post by Anastasia on Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:31 pm

Can you imagine what the criminals will do to us like the Muslims MS13 THE BLOODS THE CRIPES GANGS, ONCE THEY KNOW YOU ARE DISARMED. Did you know that Japan said we cannot invade America because behind every blade of grass there's a gun. Our problem is the hearts of man are rotten because of Hollywood, evolution teaching, in school's and mothers going to work with their kids growing up in the streets. Also the first and far most important not teaching children the fear of God.
f you are not awake, these people want us all dead. Look at Chicago and California, have restricted guns yet the crimes are higher than free gun zones.

How these people go talking about gun controlling, while the police was told not to enter school while shooting, so don't come to me about Guns.
Number one when they say assault weapons they include all guns including hand guns so what is left a bibi gun I guess. Listen people why are the media not talking about that guns has saved more people than kill people, so why is that not mention? Also why are they focus on destroying our 2 amendment and not on the criminal police who did not show up to defend the children. This is the reason why we need guns because police will never defend you.  When they shot the church people in TX why did the news ignore the one hero guy who went after the shooter and killed him, why they never said thank you for having a gun and saving more people with it, no you will never hear about that on the news. Lets be fare guns do not kill people, people kill people because we removed what is right in homes and are fed all day long killing, violence and they get rewarded for it. I wish the Ten Commandments were our law. That police man 39 times who saw this kid was a problem was the one who really killed the children by allowing him to own a gun.  So when somebody tells you I agree not to have assault weapons means all pistols also. MAO TOOK AWAY THE GUNS, HITLER TOOK AWAY THE GUNS THAN THEY CAME AND KILL ALL OPPOSITION TO THEM, THIS IS REALLY A DICTATORSHIP. FIGHT BACK FOR YOUR RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELVES, AND YOUR LOVE ONES. IF YOU ARE A PATRIOT DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS BECAUSE THEY BRAINWASHING YOU WITH MAGNETIC WAVES. ALEC BALDWIN  HAD A COMMERCIAL TELLING US THAT TV IS KILLING OUR BRAINS, AND TURNING THEM TO MUSH. PLEASE LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY.

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