Is the U.S. a Democracy or a Republic?

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Is the U.S. a Democracy or a Republic?

Post by Anastasia on Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:49 am

What form of government do we have in the U.S.? While in school, most of us were taught that we have a democracy. If you listen to the typical republican and democrat politicians and pundits, you would hear the same thing — we have a democracy. How many times have we heard from politicians that a certain act, idea, or bill is a potential threat to our democracy? Problem is, these people who believe in and preach such things are dead wrong. They are either uneducated on the matter, or are purposely misleading those who listen. Our country is not a democracy, it is a republic. And yes, knowing the difference does matter.

Several years ago, I would have rolled my eyes at anyone who would argue concerning the difference between a republic and a democracy. I considered it “word play” at the time, concluding that it doesn’t matter what you call it–our country is what it is. However, since then, I have educated myself on history and have learned that there is a vast difference between a democracy and a republic, and there is a need for citizens of the U.S. to understand the difference.

A republic and a democracy are very similar except for one key difference: where each places sovereignty, or power. A democracy gives sovereignty to the citizens as a whole group, or majority, while a republic gives sovereignty to the individual and the people. In a republic, rights are granted from God to the individual. Our government is supposed to protect those rights. In a democracy, rights are determined by the majority, granted by the government, and given to the majority whether or not the subservient minority agrees.

In a democracy, individuals are not recognized, but rather two groups, the majority and the minority, are recognized. There is no such thing as a minority group with rights nor an individual with rights, except those determined by the dictatorial majority. To solve a problem, only the majority is authorized to act.

In a republic, the individual is recognized and the individual has rights. To solve a problem, an individual may act individually, or through his or her representative. A republic is self-government

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