WAR ON ISLAM: LONDON ATTACK - Muslim/Left Wing Alliance -Trump's Achilles Heel?

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WAR ON ISLAM: LONDON ATTACK - Muslim/Left Wing Alliance -Trump's Achilles Heel?

Post by Anastasia on Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:42 am

This was all plan by our own diabolical leaders for years in the making. They started with TV using porn, witchcraft ,violence,  sodomy, and games to entertain us into oblivion. While all this is going on behind our backs there is a sinister plot to destroy us within slowly but surely. If this is not enough, they are poisoning our food, air and water! Meanwhile the Muslims are not brain wash like we are, they fight for what they believe, all they see in their TV is hate the infidel, kill all who would not submit to their god. Our leaders did all this to us via false info, so now we become prey to a more stronger race who is not brain washed to sit idle but to push for their imam to come soon as they wage war to conquer the world for what they believe is true, and our shadow government is helping them, by bringing them here to destroy us. If all electricity was gone than we will wake up, but not like this. You have great movies and important info, to share with all of us, and some will wake up, but people are lazy, you must give them links to voice their opinion or they just going to hear but not act. You think you can do this at the end of your videos, and leave a link below that goes straight to the white house?
At minute 54 it starts to get very disturbing Muslims selling sex slaves even a 13 year old, plus Christian girls, please pray for JESUS soon return in agreement with me. Thanks and God bless each and everyone of you who believe-- JESUS IS KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

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