The Ritual Journey of Free Freemasonry

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The Ritual Journey of Free Freemasonry

Post by Lee on Fri May 02, 2008 10:32 pm

Ritual Journey of Free Freemasonry

The journey into Freemasonry beings at what is known as “The Blue Lodge is the
foundation or all Freemasonry. These are the many local lodge groups scattered
across the country in almost every little town and city. When a man goes into
it he is initiated into the Blue Lodge through three degrees, the first, or
Entered Apprentice Degree, the second, or Fellowcraft Degree, and the third, or
Master Mason Degree. After
going through the three degrees of The Blue Lodge, the Mason has the choice to
stay in The Blue Lodge or to seek the advanced degrees through either the
Scottish Rite or the York Rite. Many Masons will go through both.
Within the Scottish Rite there are the fourth through the thirty-second degrees, plus
the thirty-third honorary degree. The York Rite has thirteen degrees. Once the
Mason his attained the thirty-second degree, through either higher arm of the
craft, he has the option of petitioning to join the Shriners.
Many people think that Masons are Shriners are one and the same, but actually the
Shrine is a separate body of the craft. Shriners are Masons who have achieved
the highest degrees of The Blue Lodge, and Scottish or York Rites Masonry, who
enter into what is known as “The Ancient and Arabic Order of the Nobles of the
Mystic Shrine.” Every step of Masonry has its ritual initiation, the mildest being at The Blue Lodge
level. Even this is bizarre, to say the least. In order to join the Lodge, each Mason must
first be initiated through an initiation ceremony which is similar throughout
the world. The typical ceremony begins with the initiate being first divested
of his jacket and his tie and any money or metal articles he has. His left
trouser leg is then rolled up over the knee, His
shirt is opened to expose his left breast, and his right shoe is removed and
replaced by a slipper. Then the person who is to be initiated will have a
blindfold put on him and a noose put around his neck. This is called a “Cable
Tow.” The blindfolded initiate (they call this being hoodwinked) is brought,
with the noose around his neck, to the outer door of the Lodge. The candidate
thus attired is said to be in darkness, an allegory of Masonry that signifies
that everyone out side of Masonry is in darkness and that only Masons have the
true knowledge that will bring light to the world. The new Mason is brought to
the outer door seeking the light of the Lodge, and there the Doorkeeper, or
Tiler, will put a sword or a sharp point to his breast and lead him into the
lodge room, where an alter sits in its center. The lodge members await the
candidate in the darkness that surrounds the alter, which is lit from a single
light above. Behind the altar stands a man called “The Worshipful Master”. He
is the master of the Lodge and presides over the initiation. When
the initiate is brought before him, he bows before “The Worshipful Master” and
says something like this: I am lost in darkness, and I am seeking the light of
Freemasonry”. He is then told he is entering into a secret organization and
that he must keep the secrets he is going to be taught. At this time he is
required to take a blood initiation oath. Every Mason who joins the Lodge takes
his thumb or his hand to his throat and repeats an oath that has been repeated
by every Mason who has joined the Lodge. In the Entered Apprentice or first
level of The Blue Lodge, this includes the following words: Binding
myself under no less a penalty than having my throat cut across, my tongue torn
out by its roots, and buried in the tough sands of the sea… When
the new Mason goes into the second degree, or the Fellowcraft Degree of
Masonry, the oath includes the following words: Binding my self under no less a
penalty than that of having my left
breast torn open, my heart plucked out and given as prey to the wild beast of
the fields and the fowls of the air… Then,
in the third degree, or the Master Mason’s Degree, every Mason must swear an
oath that includes the following: Bind
my self under no less a penalty than that of having my body severed in twain,
my bowels taken from thence and burned in ashes… Masons
will tell you that there is nothing wrong in being a Christian and also being a
Mason. When they are exposed to some of the anti-Christian secrets of Masonry
they reply, “Well, those are in the high degrees. We don’t know about those
things. I’m just in The Blue Lodge.” But that is just not true.

To be continued


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