The Deception of Freemasonry And The Masonic Lodge

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The Deception of Freemasonry And The Masonic Lodge

Post by Lee on Thu May 01, 2008 9:01 am

The Deception of Freemasonry And The Masonic Lodge

This information was took from the book Fast Facts on
False Teachings,
By Ron Carlson & Ed Decker
I this it is the best book that reveals the satanic
nature of Masonry.

As we deal with Freemasonry
and the Masonic Lodge, we know that this is a subject that comes close to home
for many of you. Many of you have loved ones who are in the Masonic Lodge. A
lot of men who get involved with Freemasonry do not fully understand what they
are getting entangled with. For a number of years now both of us have pursued
an intense Study on the subject of Freemasonry.
Ed spent 20 years in the Mormon Church, where the temple rituals
have been directly lifted from the Masonic Blue Lodge degrees. Other portions
of the Scottish rights, such as the ordination of the Holy Melchizedek
priesthood, were also in common. In the book THE GOD MAKERS, Dave Hunt and Ed
detailed the parallels and the occult origins of each group. What Ed didn’t
share was that prior to his conversion to Mormonism he was a member of the
Masonic youth group, the DeMolay, and that he has a family history of Masonry
that goes back over 175 years. The more we Studied Masonry, the more we
realized the depth of its satanic hold over those within its ‘STRONG GRIP.’
Within the pages of the hundreds of Masonic books and secret ritual manuals we
have gathered and read in our research is a tragic story of godly men who have
succumbed to the snare of the enemy. They have brought the darkest side of Ball
worship into their homes and congregations. Fleeing the Lodge Since we have been speaking on this subject we have seen thousands of Masons who have literally fled the Lodge once they have
had that mask of deceit removed. In fact, we have seen whole Churches repent.
At one Chruch in Southern California the pastor was a
32nd degree Mason, involved in the craft for 40 years,
and his entire elders; board were Masons. When somebody gave then one of Ron’s
ministry tapes, they formed a committee, as churches do, to study if what he
was saying was true. After a year they came back with their report, and the
pastor and all the elders resigned from the Masonic Lodge. They issued a
statement which their church has now adopted that states that no Mason can hold
a leadership position in their church. Ron was speaking at one of the largest
churches in South Texas. Before he got up to
speak on Sunday morning, some of the elders of the church had noticed his tape
on Masonry and came to the pastor’s office. They said to him, ‘Why are we allowing
this person to speak? Ron found out that the Sunday Potentate of the Shrine,
and many of the elders were Masons. When they confronted Ron, he responded,
‘Everything I share on this tape is documented from your own Masonic authority,
as you will hear tonight. If you have a problem with what I say, it’s not with
me. It’s with your own Masonic leaders.’ These leaders took the tape back to
their Masonic Lodge on Sunday night. They spent till four in the Morning going
trough the documentation from their own Masonic library. On Monday morning they
came back and said, ‘Ron, we want you to know we all resigned form the Lodge
last night. We did not realize what we were involved with.” Ed has had similar
experiences. In one church in Florida,
the Masons in the Church threatened the pastor with harm if he allowed Ed to
speak. (the church was heavily populated with Masons.) They let the pastor know
that Ed was in serious physical danger, and the church office was receiving
threatening phone calls. In the Sunday morning service Ed spoke on the subject
of Mormonism and promised to speak on Freemasonry that night. Both Ed and the
pastor were physically shoved about in the hallway after the service. Things
were very tense, but the pastor, a Godly man, was determined to deal with
Freemasonry that night. Near the end of the evening service Ed had an altar
call for those who wanted to renounce Freemasonry and get right with the Lord
in the matter. Many Masons came forward, and many didn’t. But Ed will never
forget the words of the pastor to his congregation later, at the end of that
service. Speaking directly to the Masons in the congregation, he said, ‘Dar
brothers, I must tell you that I will give you one week to repent and leave
Freemasonry or leave this church. If you refuse to do either, we will remove
your name form the rolls next Sunday. If you think you can remove me, then have
a business meeting and vote me out if you can, for I will not be pastor of a
church that as allowed Freemasonry to
take root within it.’ A large number of his congregation did leave. But
something special happened there, a new, freer spirit was present in the
church. Worship was deeper and giving increased, surpassing the church income
that had come from the Masons. Plus new people came and overflowed the pews in
a greater number than ever before. Most Masons get involved with the Lodge out
of peer pressure, Their friends are in it or their grandfather was in it. Some
go into it for business reasons. They see it as a way to progress in their business
and social lives. Others are attracted by the secret, mystic rituals and
symbolism of Freemasonry. Others see people like the Shriners parading around
in the red fezzes, riding their funny cars in parades when the Shrine circus
comes to town. To be continued


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