BREAKING: Kobane Syria ISIS Takes The City

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BREAKING: Kobane Syria ISIS Takes The City

Post by Anastasia on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:21 am

Wow how sad, my first nightmare fear has come upon me. I know satan is behind all these wars, to bring order out of chaos. What I do not know fore sure yet who is the leaders of all this the Muslims Vatican or Cabala Jews. All three are very powerful, but the one who cuts heads are Islam, that is their style. I just can't know for sure, all I can tell you is we must look at all angles. Let us all never loose our love for humanity, we must all pray for the victims for all those whom our LORD JESUS has chosen. All the children went to heaven I know this much because they did not deny CHRIST, also all the Muslim under the age of accountability, also are in Heaven. I wept and pray for all, I believe we will see this here also. I hope to die because I am weak and cannot stand to see suffering of any human being. Love you all HIS will be done in all of us, amen......

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